Learning Management System (LMS) Review project

LMS Review project update | High-level summary of survey and consultation findings available for review

Learning Management System (LMS) Review project

The contract for D2L Brightspace (LEARN), the University's current Learning Management System (LMS), is expiring October 31, 2023. Policy 17 requires procurement activities to be conducted in a fair, impartial and transparent manner in compliance with legal provisions and resulting in an optimal outcome for the University. These findings will inform a recommendation on how the University should proceed to ensure an agile, sustainable LMS continues to meet the University’s teaching and learning needs. If the University should choose to initiate a bidding process, an approach to licensing and resourcing to support a transition will be included in the recommendation. Consultations will include a review of the current LMS to determine where there may be gaps with current and future requirements. 

Objectives of this work

There are three major deliverables for this project:

  • Internal review with staff, instructors, and students to determine requirements for Waterloo’s LMS of the future
  • External review of the market and trends
  • Final recommendation for LMS renewal

Work plan

In addition to an environmental scan, the team's work will primarily be driven by consultations with key University stakeholders, including:

  • Support staff (consultations were held between June and September 2022)
  • Instructors and students (consultation were held during the fall 2022 term)
  1. 2023
    1. Apr
      1. Two reports on findings available to campus (Spring 2023)

        • LMS Review Recommendation Report
        • LMS Survey & Consultation Summary Report 

  2. 2022
    1. Nov
      1. All focus groups completed

    2. Oct
      1. Focus groups with students and instructors started

      2. LMS Review campus survey closed

      3. LMS Review campus survey opened

    3. Sep
      1. LMS Review project launch and notice to campus

      2. LMS market environmental scan and peer institution LMS review consultations complete

    4. Jun
      1. Focus groups with staff started

    5. May
      1. Ontario Education Collaborative Marketplace (OECM) procurement participation started

    6. Mar
      1. LMS Review project planning started

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How to get involved

If you have feedback, comments, or questions about this work, please contact Pam Fluttert, Director, Instructional Technologies and Media Services (ITMS), IST.