Welcome to the University of Waterloo Laboratory for Emerging Energy Research

Our mission

The University of Waterloo Laboratory for Emerging Energy Research explores potential solutions to energy security and global warming. We focus on not only revisiting the existing technologies for energy conversion and management but developing novel methods by means of applied nanotechnology and multi-disciplinary approaches.

For example, we have studied combustion processes of biofuels which are modified by plasma fields or nano-catalysts. We also make novel nanostructures (nanoparticles, nanowires and nanotubes) and investigate their applications in energy production and storage. We have been greatly motivated by developing applied environmental and nanomaterial-based technologies and closely engaged with industrial partners in commercializing them.

Please visit the publication page to know more about our latest progress.

Research interests

  • Emerging and sustainable energy conversion technologies
  • Nanostructured energy conversion and storage devices
  • Engineered nanocatalyst for nitrogen oxides reduction
  • Nanothermite synthesis and applications
  • Smart energy network (optimization and control)