Paving the way in connected and autonomous vehicles

Drivers rely on tether-less, powerful, on-board systems and controls every day. The demand for connected and autonomous solutions continues to fuel the competition inside today's automotive industry.

Waterloo Engineering offers a broad range of diverse expertise in connected and autonomous vehicle research, with more than 60 dedicated faculty and researchers. 

As the leading Canadian university in automotive research, we are home to the country's largest academic-industry enterprise, the Waterloo Centre for Automotive Research (WatCAR). Long-standing industry partnerships, combined with some of the world's top academics in this field of research, have enabled our continued growth and excellence.

Our labs, facilities and research groups in connected and autonomous driving research are extensive, offering the latest technologies and equipment to produce solutions that advance industry standards. 

CBC show host Rick Mercer visits Waterloo Engineering researchers and students working on the "Autonomoose" self-driving vehicle.

  1. Dec. 9, 2019Toyota donates $2.1 million to help drive innovation

    To help shape the future of engineering, Toyota Motor Manufacturing Canada (TMMC) is launching a unique hands-on engineering innovation challenge designed for University of Waterloo’s engineering students.

    The Toyota Engineering Innovation Challenge was part of TMMC’s funding announcement of $2.1 million to Waterloo Engineering -- the largest single financial donation ever made to a Canadian university.

  2. Oct. 10, 2019Technology designed to limit damage when AVs crash

    New technology developed at Waterloo Engineering enables self-driving vehicles to limit injuries and damage in situations where they can’t avoid crashing.

    The system is needed, according to mechanical and mechatronics engineering professor Amir Khajepour, because there are too many uncertainties to ever completely eliminate collisions involving autonomous vehicles.

    “There are hundreds, thousands, of variable we have no control over,” he said. “We are driving and all of a sudden there is black ice, for instance, or a boulder rolls down a mountain onto the road.”

  3. Aug. 14, 2019Self-driving car, robots featured on Amazing Race

    Humanoid robots in an Engineering 7 maze and a self-driving car being developed by a University of Waterloo student design team were featured last night in an episode of CTV’s The Amazing Race Canada.

    Filmed on campus in early May, the events showcased the state-of-the-art RoboHub and work by WATonomous, and were broadcast in an episode that also included several other locations in Kitchener and Waterloo.

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