Dean's Message

Technology plays a profound role in our global community. As the University of Waterloo engineers and architects, we are cognizant of the tremendous responsibility we have to ideate, create, understand, and use our knowledge to better the welfare of humanity while protecting and sustaining our planet.

Pearl Sullivan

As engineering and design educators, researchers, leaders and global citizens, we are shaping the future of society. The decisions we make today will impact millions, perhaps even billions, of people worldwide.

It is a time of flux as work is being transformed – yet again – by the massive influence of new technologies such as artificial intelligence, advanced robotics, and new global labour markets. As educators, we know our role is to ensure that our students and employees have the opportunity to achieve their highest potential and that this talent is developed and deployed to the maximum benefit of society. We now exist in a world where individual knowledge and skills must continuously grow and the changing nature of work demands that higher education fits seamlessly and collaboratively with business, industry, government, and society. It is a formidable challenge, but one we are enthusiastically and thoughtfully undertaking. In many respects, it is a continuation of our philosophy – that co-operative education is the ideal method to educate engineers. Because of this, the Faculty of Engineering has a six-decade head start on collaborative education work integration. We’ve been shaping the future of engineering education and innovation since we were the founding Faculty of the University of Waterloo in 1957.

As we implement our third formal Strategic Plan, it is important to note that we have achieved almost all of our goals set out in our previous plan. We launched our Biomedical Engineering and Architectural Engineering programs. We expanded Mechatronics Engineering. We enhanced the student experience through novel learning methods such as our Engineering Ideas Clinic® and added much-needed space for studying and labs. We built Engineering 7, which is now the “front door” of Waterloo Engineering and has allowed us to help meet the global demand for educating more Waterloo engineers. With this new Strategic Plan 2020-2025, we are tackling five key priorities as identified through extensive and open consultation Faculty-wide. In our quest to be the epicentre of the world’s technology talent, we are driving the momentum that already exists to ensure we are empowering our students, researchers, and staff to unlock potential and create positive change. We are facing the future with optimism and clarity with the full understanding that what we do here at the Faculty of Engineering will help to build a new foundation for the future of learning, work, design, and technology.

Pearl Sullivan
Dean, Faculty of Engineering
University of Waterloo

Waterloo Engineering will inspire leaders to define new frontiers. Upholding our tradition of co-operative education, we will continue to stimulate our entrepreneurial spirit and research imagination. Above all, our engineers and architects are committed to serving society, and building a better future for generations to come.