The Faculty of the Environment is going strong after more than forty years of exciting research and includes four world class departments. The faculty focuses on sustainability and finding solutions to the most pressing problems and issues we face in today’s every changing world.

The Environment Graduate Student Association (EGSA) represents the students in three of the four departments: the School of Environment, Resource and Sustainability (ERS), the geography department (GEOG) and the School of Environment, Enterprise and Development (SEED). The programs are as diverse as the students with a number of exciting projects. Look through the different departments and you might find a faculty member with an exciting research interest or a course you just have to take.

School of Environment, Resources and Sustainability

The School of Environment, Resources and Sustainability (SERS) offers programs which focus on sustainability and the ethics of solving environmental and resource problems, ranging from water and food to energy and biodiversity. We use techniques and ideas from many disciplines to seek integrative solutions that cross the boundaries between the natural and social sciences, thereby linking knowledge of resources and ecosystems with sustainability policy and governance.

SERS offers a master’s plan (Master of Environmental Studies-Thesis option or Major Research Paper Option), and a doctoral plan (Doctor of Philosophy).

Geography and Environmental Management

The Department of Geography and Environmental Management (GEM) at the University of Waterloo offers a vibrant and stimulating graduate research environment at both masters and doctorate levels. We are the most research-active unit in the Faculty of Environment and our approach to graduate studies reflects our keen interest in training high quality students in theoretical and applied aspects of geographical knowledge. Our graduate program is offered mostly through the Joint Program in Geography which is a partnership between GEM and the Department of Geography and Environmental Studies at Wilfrid Laurier University. The joint program makes us one of the largest geography graduate programs in North America and provides a wide range of topics for students to explore and conduct research. We adhere to the important ideals of research-led teaching at the graduate level and our students are often drawn in to ongoing nationally and internationally recognized research projects.

All graduate opportunities in geography are offered through the Joint Program. In addition, a new Master of Climate Change is offered through GEM and the Faculty of Environment at Waterloo.

School of Environment, Enterprise and Development

The School of Environment, Enterprise and Development (SEED) is unique in Canada, and possibly the world, in its focus on the intersection of environment and sustainability, on the one hand, and business and development, on the other. With programs in sustainability management, international development practice, environment and business, local economic development and social innovation, SEED is dedicated to developing the knowledge, tools and expertise to integrate business and development activities with environmental and social goals.