Managing your research project

When your award is successful

If you are successful in receiving funding, you will receive an award letter from the granting agency/sponsor. Be sure to send a copy to the Office of Research (OR) and Environment's Faculty Research Coordinator. OR will use this letter to set up your grant file to  begin related activities.

The award letter will outline the start and end dates of the grant and approved activities/conditions. It will indicate eligible expenses only if the full amount of the request is not granted. It will also include negotiation of sub-grants with research partners and completion of ethics approval if applicable.

When an award decision/letter has been received but not all required documents are finalized, and if time sensitive research activities are in progress and require funding support, there is the option to set up an 'Interim Research Account.' Details and access to the IRA form can be found here.

After securing the funds, you should familiarize yourself with the type of allowable expenses under the terms of the grant/contract. Similarly, you should be aware of the reporting requirements from the funding agency as soon as possible. By understanding and knowing what you will be asked to report on, will ensure that you collect the appropriate reporting information as your research progresses.

Finally, do take note of the start and end dates of the grant. These serve as the bookends for allowable expenses. If you need to have the end date changed for some reason, contact the respective grant manager in OR as there are procedures to follow and these vary with each program type.  This request should be addressed well before the original end date of the award. The finance group within the Office of Research will assist with reminders for submitting reports and project end dates, but you are encouraged to be proactive when you determine that an extension may be necessary.

Letting others know about your research as it develops

The Associate Dean of Research (ADR) encourages you to set up a website so that you can share the findings from your research as it proceeds. Our web designer/administrator can assist in establishing a website, and can answer any questions you have in order to maintain it.

Submitting expenses and managing the finances associated with your research: Please visit the Finance website for financial procedures.