ONLINE: EQ201 Anti-Racism Workshop

Wednesday, June 10, 2020 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm EDT

Who: Students, Faculty, Staff

What: This workshop explores how to engage critically in anti-racism and enact anti-racist practices on campus. 

How: Anti-racism is an ongoing and active process of recognizing and addressing individual, institutional, and systemic racism. Upon completion of this workshop you will:

  • gain a broader awareness of how race and racism affects the lived experience of racialized groups, and the specific context of race on post-secondary campuses;
  • understand how White people contribute, actively or unconsciously, to racism;
  • be able to apply key concepts related to anti-racism, oppression, and privilege;
  • understand how racial bias affects individuals and communities;
  • be able to identify ways to implement anti-racist practices in our campus spaces.

Online, 3-hour workshop in a small group setting.

Facilitator: Janice Jo Lee

"What is your role in the anti-racist movement? What practical actions can you take in your workplace, your circle of friends, family and in society? What more do we need to learn about ongoing systemic racism locally and in the world? In this workshop, we will openly discuss our personal responsibility within a historical context of global colonialism and white dominance. We will talk about our personal connection to colonialism, land, class and education and how this places us within the anti-racist movement. You will leave the workshop with a deeper understanding of systemic racism, and practical tools on how to advocate for equity in your daily life. We will create a listening, learning, and judgement-free zone.