From September 25, 2023, to November 24, 2023, the UWaterloo’s Sankofa Network for Transformative Community Research (SNTCR), in collaboration with the University of Waterloo Library, embarked on a mission to bolster the inventory of the Sankara Pan-African Library in Uganda. The call to action was simple yet powerful: purchase a book from the Sankara Library's wish list and make a difference to a community on a journey to the decolonization of knowledge by amplifying subaltern voices.

We are thrilled to share that a total of 48 books were donated! This initiative is a significant step toward the ongoing journey of knowledge decolonization.

The Sankofa Network and the University of Waterloo Library extend gratitude to everyone who participated in this endeavor. As these books find their place on the shelves of the Sankara Pan-African Library, they carry with them the spirit of collective empowerment and a shared commitment to a more inclusive future.

Together, we have created a legacy of positive change and community building through the Sankofa Network Book Drive.

Visit the Sankara Pan-African Library’s Instagram page to learn more about the library and/or visit the SNTCR website to gain insights on their transformative work.