About the Faculty of Science Foundation

Our goals

  • To enhance the scholarly life of the students within the Faculty of Science.
  • To provide scholarships, fellowships, bursaries, prizes, grants, or other assistance to deserving Science students.
  • To fund special lectures, seminars, debates, special courses, book preparation or any other project deemed by the Directors to enhance the quality of Science at Waterloo.
  • To protect, increase and effectively administer the Faculty of Science Foundation Endowment Fund.

Our history

  • April 3, 1984 - The Faculty of Science Foundation was created by action of the University of Waterloo Board of Governors, following Senate approval of a constitution developed under the leadership of Dean Don Brodie.
  • November 1, 1984 - The inaugural meeting of the Faculty of Science Foundation Board of Directors with Dr. Helen Hogg present as the first Honourary Chairperson.
  • March 1986 - By student referendum, 89% of the Science undergraduate students agreed to contribute $3.00 per term to support the endowment fund, which stands today at nearly one million dollars.

Get involved!

Are you interested in becoming involved in the Faculty of Science Foundation? Check the FSF Student Director Application Form for openings.