Educational Travel Award Application

Faculty of Science Foundation logoThe Faculty of Science Foundation makes several awards totalling up to $4,000 (typically $1,000 per person, with $2,000 available in each of the fall and winter terms) to undergraduate students in Science who participate in public service programs or international exchange programs. Application forms are due on November 15 & March 15.

Please note the following:

  • Recipient must have at least satisfactory academic standing in their program.
  • Application is not for conferences, co-op positions, or any travel involving paid duties.
  • Must state other awards or financial aid in the application.
  • Experiential value (to the recipient, other students, and communities) is highly considered.

Information and privacy: questions regarding the collection of information on this form can be directed to the form administrator.

Local Address
Permanent Address
Travel Summary
Note: Travel for course field trips, co-op positions, or optometry externships are not supported.
Anticipated dates of travel
From * (required)
To * (required)
Budget Information
List 'Not Applicable' if appropriate.
Other Scholarships/Bursaries/Awards
Recipients of any other major International Travel Awards (e.g. J.R. Coutts) may be disqualified from receiving the FSF Travel Award. This is to ensure a maximum number of students receive some form of financial assistance.
Status of application