Educational Travel Award Application

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The Faculty of Science Foundation bestows this award upon undergraduate students in the Faculty of Science to support their participation in public service programs or international academic exchange programs.

Application deadlines: March 15 and November 15 each year

Important rules and considerations:

  • Recipients of this award must be undergraduate students enrolled in an academic program within the Faculty of Science at the University of Waterloo, have at least satisfactory academic standing in their academic program, and may only receive it once.
  • Applications will not be considered for travel to conferences, travel to sites where students will undertake paid duties (such as co-op positions), travel to obtain visas or other immigration documents, travel for field courses, and travel for sightseeing/tourism.
  • Applicants must provide information on a) the reasons for requesting the award; b) how the travel activity will benefit your education and personal growth; and c) how the travel experience will benefit Science students. The Foundation places significant weight on experiential value. Each answer to these questions should be ~400-500 words in length.
  • Applicants must provide a reasonable budget for the entire period of travel.
  • Applicants must provide information on any other major travel awards, scholarships, or bursaries received or applied for to support the proposed travel activity.
  • Recipients of the Educational Travel Award must submit a Travel Award Agreement. This agreement requires recipients to prepare a short report (1 single-spaced page) and powerpoint presentation (at least 1 slide) that describes and illustrates your travel experience. These materials must be submitted to the Foundation no later than 1 month from the end of your travel experience. This information may be publicly displayed on the Faculty of Science Foundation website or through other Faculty of Science communication platforms for promotional and educational purposes.
  • Typically, recipients of the Educational Travel Award have a travel activity lasting at least 5 days, clearly demonstrate the experiential value of the award, and provide evidence of financial need for the award (i.e., other travel awards do not fully cover the financial cost of the proposed travel activity as shown by the budget).

If you have issues with submitting your application, please email Science Engagement (