The GEDI Exchange is part of the Gateway for Enterprises to Discover Innovation (GEDI) at the University of Waterloo.

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The GEDI Exchange mission is to support the success of startups and scaleups by actively promoting collaboration among enterprises of all sizes and with the University of Waterloo. These startups are often founded by UWaterloo faculty, staff, alumni, or students and see value in partnering among themselves, with similar companies from anywhere in the world, and with larger enterprises, for the benefit of everyone to develop and grow to their full potential. It is also a path to connecting with, and remaining connected to, UWaterloo and its broader ecosystem.


What do we do?

Foster applied research and technology development by leveraging our partner network to support collaboration and accelerate commercialization.

Facilitate high-value interactions by understanding Exchange partner’s goals and values.

Connect our partners to the full innovation capacity and unique engagement opportunities at the University of Waterloo.

Customize your engagement through: talent, research, technology, social impact, campus presence, and entrepreneurship.


What do you get?

Meet GEDI Founding Partners like Cisco, Rogers and BlackBerry

Connect with other research-backed startups and scaleups.

Product demonstration, speaking, and networking opportunities at campus events.

Accelerate new customer acquisition and increase the impact of collaborative research.

Why the University of Waterloo?

Inventor owned intellectual property (IP) policy drives innovation.

Largest co-op program in the world.

Strong entrepreneurship and startup culture, such as WatCO, Velocity and the Accelerator Centre.

In one of the world’s top 20 startup ecosystems with a regional startup density second only to Silicon Valley (Startup Genome, 2020).

#1Research University of the Year in CanadaResearch Infosource 2020
$12.9 billion raised by 474 Waterloo entrepreneurs PitchBook 2020
#2in Canada for employer partnershipsQS Graduate Employability Rankings 2020

The University [has an] active role as a bridge between the Canadian academic and business communities.



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GEDIx: A 30-minute Exchange with Blue Lion Labs and the Water Institute

Water, AI, and making your summer happier and healthier
June 15, 2021 | 1:00 p.m. ET

Summer is nearly here, which means trips to the beach, hanging out at the cottage on the lake or a boat, catching fish at a river’s edge, and drinking lots of water to stay healthy. (And after this instalment, it means our webinar series takes a two-month summer hiatus.)
With so much of what we love doing at any time of year dependent on water, it only makes sense to take care of it. Yet we dump so much into our waterways like fertilizers, chemicals, sewage, and garbage, that it affects the health of fish, birds, and us. It promotes (sometimes toxic) algae blooms, encourages the growth of nasty organisms, and robs it of oxygen, thereby suffocating nearly everything that lives in it. We are also becoming more dependent on aquaculture to put fresh fish on our tables - but there are significant challenges to doing so sustainably. Fixing these problems later will cost millions or even billions. So, how do we monitor and manage the water better? Our ability to enjoy all those wonderful summer activities and quality of life depend on it.
Please join us for 30 minutes at the next GEDI Exchange webinar with Blue Lion Labs and the University of Waterloo’s Water Institute. They will discuss using AI to help monitor, understand, and better manage our water. Last month’s webinar was about instrumenting and sensing the environment. This month is about what to do with the resulting large amounts of data to make intelligent, objective decisions to enable more effective and cost-efficient solutions.
If you have a few extra minutes, there will also be 10 minutes of audience Q&A after the discussion. Something to think about before sailing off into the lazy, hazy days of summer.

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