Non-profit/public sector research partnerships

University of Waterloo researchers welcome partnerships with non-profit/public sector organizations to promote knowledge creation, translation, and dissemination in the public sphere.

Potential partners include exchange networks, non-profit organizations (e.g., charities, foundations, professional associations, social welfare, and advocacy), health centres and service providers, First Nations' organizations, governments, townships, and environmental agencies.

Partnerships with Waterloo researchers provide non-profit and public sector organizations with opportunities to:

  • Consult with researchers in a specific field to explore research queries and receive expert advice on how to approach a specific question, topic, action or inaction,
  • Perform needs assessments and program evaluations to determine agency needs, strengths, gaps, best practices, and recommendations for moving forward,
  • Connect with University centres and networks of researchers to address multifaceted research questions,
  • Contribute to and benefit from evidence-based research that can address organizational mandates and priorities (e.g., enhance program/service delivery, identify community gaps, consolidate data to help with future policy decision making, etc.), and
  • Leverage resources as part of collaborative research grants (e.g., SSHRC Connection and Partnership grants, CIHR project and foundation schemes, etc.).

Benefits for researchers:

  • Leverage resources, expertise, knowledge translation initiatives, and research for partnership funding opportunities, such as SSHRC (connection grants, partnership development grants, partnership grants) and CIHR,
  • Collaborate with a diverse group of stakeholders in the local community and abroad to create shared learning that inspires policy decision making,
  • Conduct multi-dimensional research by collaborating with multifaceted partners that can collectively address a complex societal problem, question, policy, or need, and
  • Create long-lasting relationships that promote public debate, public policy decision making, and societal change.

The Office of Research can also assist researchers interested in applying for Tri-Agency (CIHR, NSERC, and SSHRC) programs that require partnerships.

To learn more, please contact the Manager, Non-Profit/Public Sector Partnerships.