University of Waterloo & Grand River Hospital research partnership

Established formally in 2014, the University of Waterloo and Grand River Hospital (GRH) collaborative research partnership aims to:

  • Connect Waterloo researchers with GRH clinicians to undertake joint research projects and access each institution's unique strengths
  • Further health-related transformational research at Waterloo and GRH
  • Advance care with innovative research, technologies, and evidence that impacts care at GRH and the broader health system
  • Support the goals of improving patient outcomes and health care delivery processes
  • Deliver the best value for every health care dollar

Joint research agenda topics

Grand River Hospital has set a number of research priorities for the University of Waterloo and Grand River Hospital research partnership. Topics include:

  • Cancer
  • Chronic disease management
  • Aging well
  • Care of the older adult
  • Innovation in health care
  • Patient and family experience with care

To learn more, please refer to Grand River Hospital's 2019 - 2024 priorities.

Partnership at a glance (2015-2021)

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Read more about the partnership: Research, Funding, Education and Collaboration.

Looking to the future

GRH will partner with Waterloo to contribute to the success of Transformative Health Technologies initiative by engaging as:

  • Problem Providers – identifying key areas of concern within our operations that would benefit from an innovation
  • Co-Creators – by providing access to our clinical staff who can help inform on matters of the health of our population
  • Knowledge Users – providing key insight on health policies, program and practices