Graduate studies is a big financial commitment, and one that could impact your career path and subsequent earning potential. Graduate studies provides you with the opportunity to further your research and develop your skills.

Waterloo's graduate tuition varies by program and is competitive among other top Canadian institutions. The City of Waterloo provides a vibrant background for your education, at a lower cost of living than other major cities across the country. 


Tuition and incidental fees can vary by program and estimated costs are listed on our graduate program pages.

Student Financial Services will post your tuition fees* on Quest approximately one month before the beginning of each term.  They will also notify you by email at that time. New students need to be matriculated or made active in your program before your tuition can be posted.

Any applicable funding will be first used to cover the cost of tuition, provided you have become "fees arranged" by completing the Promissory Note on Quest each term.

*Annual tuition increases are generally effective for spring term.

Living costs

These amounts are approximate, and should be used only as a guide. Your costs will vary depending on your personal needs and lifestyle.

Estimated living costs for a single person living in Waterloo, over a four-month academic term
Expense Estimated cost (one term)
Housing (off-campus) and utilities - estimated at $600 - $800 per month $2,400 to $3,200
Food - groceries estimated at $235 per month $940
Personal expenses - estimated at $385 per month $1,540
Books and supplies (varies by program) $500 to $1,000
Total estimated living costs $5,380 to $6,680

Last updated November 2019