Since the AMTD fellowship launched in 2020, Waterloo has had the privilege of welcoming several exceptional scholars to campus.  Read more about who they are and their research, below.

2020 – Amodu, Oluwakemi (Kemi) is working with professor Craig Janes in the School of Public Health Sciences, where she is addressing the accessibility of reproductive health resources for women in Nigeria who have been internally displaced due to terrorism. Read more.

2020 – Hoskins, Rhea Ashley is examining the role of anti-femininity as a catalyst for violence and discrimination, and how anti-femininity manifests itself and results in violence and decreased health outcomes for all.  Rhea’s research is in collaboration with professors Toni Serafini in Sexuality, Marriage, & Family Studies at St. Jerome’s University and Andrea Quinlan from Sociology and Legal Studies. Read more.

2021 – Jaber, Anwar is based in the School of Architecture where, with professor Robert Jan van Pelt, she’ll pursue research on the role that architecture plays in cities facing political transitions and extreme conditions, focusing on museums that aim to address national narratives of war, memory, and violence. Read more.

2020 - Krolewski, Alex is focusing on fundamental questions in physics and astronomy and aims to address the cause of the accelerated expansion of the universe. His work is in collaboration with professor Will Percival. Read more.

2020 – Madadian, Edris is a leading scholar in biofuels, particularly the reuse of waste biomass to the creation of energy in carbon-neutral ways.  Edris is working with professor David Simakov in Chemical Engineering. Read more.

2021 – Nazarahari, Milad is joining Mechanical and Mechatronics Professor Arash Arami’s lab in September, to advance the medical community’s capacity to engage intelligent robots and biofeedback in developing affordable and accessible technology to support the rehabilitation of stroke patients in Canada. Read more.

2021 - Walker, Chad conducts interdisciplinary research investigating how Smart Local Energy Systems (SLES) - projects that combine smart technology with sustainable, local energy production and management - can create just and inclusive clean energy systems.   Chad will work with professor Ian Rowlands in the School of Environment, Resources and Sustainability. Read more.