Since 2020 University of Waterloo has had the privilege of welcoming annual cohorts of exceptional scholars though the AMTD Waterloo Global Talent Postdoctoral Fellowship. With research interests in disciplines that span the breadth of the institution, AMTD scholars contribute to transformative and disruptive research that is impactful. Read more about our AMTD scholars below. 

2023 Scholars

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Elena CarusoCaruso, Elena 

Faculty of Arts, Department of Political Science 

Supervisor: Alana Cattapan

Elena’s project aims to question the role of the state in the regulation of abortion, to reshape dominant legal paradigms in abortion care, and to draw important lessons for the future of health technologies.

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Learn more about the research Elena is conducting as an AMTD scholar in this recent publications: 

  • Caruso, E. (2024). ‘How Did You Get in There and Make the Law Work?’ Feminist Activism, Doctors and Abortion Law: The Occupation of an Hospital. Social & Legal Studies0(0).

Juyeon LeeLee, Juyeon 

Faculty of Health, School of Public Health 

Supervisor: Ellen MacEachen 

Juyeon's research project examines the health, safety, and well-being of domestic workers on digital labour platforms who provide direct and/or indirect care services in one or more private households. 

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Vasily PanferovPanferov, Vasily 

Faculty of Science, Department of Chemistry 

Supervisor: Juewen Liu 

A food allergy is a body's immune response to food's naturally occurring components (allergens). Even trace amounts of allergens can induce severe reactions or sudden death by asphyxia.

Vasily's project will, for the first time, develop a screening method for multiple common major allergens (allergens of eggs, milk, peanut, soy, and wheat) at once.

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Erfan ShirzadiShirzadi, Erfan 

Faculty of Engineering, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering 

Supervisor: Mahla Poudineh

Continuous monitoring of multiple biomolecules in a body is an essential part of personalized medicine. Among these biomolecules, antibiotics’ concentration in a body should remain in a certain therapeutic window to avoid irreversible adverse effects of overdose and underdose. Erfan's project will present a minimally invasive microneedle aptamer-assisted detector (MAD) that is able to monitor both antibiotics in interstitial fluid, and be used for spontaneous and real-time monitoring of the pharmacokinetics of VCM and GTM via voltammetric andamperometric techniques.

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2022 Scholars 

Jenna GilchristGilchrist, Jenna 

Faculty of Arts, Department of Psychology 

Supervisor: Allison Kelly 

Jenna’s work focuses on self-compassion and emotional adjustment among students transitioning to post-secondary education.  

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Listen to Dr. Gilchrist talk about her work on the Beyond the Bulletin podcast

Rueben MartensMartens, Reuben 

Faculty of Arts, Department of Communication Arts 

Supervisor: Imre Szeman 

Reuben is studying the violence of and resistance to settler-colonial extractivism in Canada as rendered and reckoned in contemporary Indigenous Canadian literature, art, and film. 


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Paula ReisReis, Paula 

Faculty of Science, Department of Biology 

Supervisor: Josh Neufeld 

Studying Methane-oxidizing bacteria in Boreal Shield lakes, Paula’s work will examine how methane-consuming microorganisms in Canada’s lakes will react to climate change. 

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Samantha PattersonPatterson, Samantha Kaitlyn 

Faculty of Health, School of Public Health Sciences 

Supervisor: Hannah Neufeld 

Kaitlyn’s work will focus on Indigenous Food Sovereignty (IFS) in urban Indigenous communities while documenting stories of policy pathways and relationship building within IFS movements from the urban Indigenous communities within Katarokwi and Waterloo-Wellington Region. 

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2021 Scholars 

Waterloo welcomes three postdoctoral scholars (Waterloo Story) 

Anwar Jaber headshotJaber, Anwar 

Faculty of Engineering, School of Architecture 

Supervisor: Robert Jan van Pelt 

Anwar is pursuing research on the role that architecture plays in cities facing political transitions and extreme conditions, focusing on museums that aim to address national narratives of war, memory, and violence. Learn more: 

Milad Nazarahari headshotNazarahari, Milad 

Faculty of Engineering, Department of Mechanical and Mechatronics Engineering 

Supervisor: Arash Arami 

Milad is working to advance the medical community’s capacity to engage intelligent robots and biofeedback in developing affordable and accessible technology to support the rehabilitation of stroke patients in Canada. Learn more: 

Chad Walker headshotWalker, Chad 

School of Environment, Resources and Sustainability 

Supervisor: Ian Rowlands 

Chad conducts interdisciplinary research investigating how Smart Local Energy Systems (SLES) - projects that combine smart technology with sustainable, local energy production and management - can  create just and inclusive clean energy systems. Learn more: 

Learn more about the research conducted during Chat's time as an AMTD scholar in these recent publications: 

  • Walker, C., Rowlands, I. H., Devine-Wright, P., Soutar, I., Wilson, C., Gupta, R., ... & Ford, R. (2024). The ‘Four Ds’ and support for Local Smart Grids: Analysis from national surveys in the United Kingdom and Canada. Oxford Open Energy, oiae004.
  • Fiander, J., Walker, C., Rowlands, I. H., Devine-Wright, P., Wilson, C., Soutar, I., & Gupta, R. (2024). Energy democracy, public participation, and support for local energy system change in Canada. Energy Research & Social Science113, 103526.

2020 Scholars

Four brilliant researchers join Waterloo on fellowships (Waterloo Story) 

Oluwakemi Amodu headshotAmodu, Oluwakemi (Kemi) 

Faculty of Health, School of Public Health Sciences 

Supervisor: Craig Janes 

Kemi’s research addresses the accessibility of reproductive health resources for women in Nigeria who have been internally displaced due to terrorism. Learn more: 

Rhea Ashley Hoskin headshotHoskin, Rhea Ashley 

Faculty of Arts, Department of Sociology and Legal Studies 

St. Jerome’s University, Sexuality, Marriage, & Family Studies 

Supervisors: Toni Serafini & Andrea Quinlan 

Rhea Ashley examines the role of femmephobia as a catalyst for violence and discrimination, and how femmephobia manifests itself and results in violence and decreased health outcomes for all. Learn more: 

Alex Krowlewski headshotKrolewski, Alex 

Faculty of Science, Department of Physics 

Supervisor: Will Percival 

Alex is working on fundamental questions in physics and astronomy. His work addresses the cause of the accelerated expansion of the universe. Learn more: 

Edris Madadian headshotMadadian, Edris  

Faculty of Engineering, Department of Chemical Engineering 

Supervisor: David Simakov

Edris is a leading scholar in biofuels, particularly the reuse of waste biomass to the creation of energy in carbon-neutral ways. Learn more: