Welcome to the Haptic Experience Lab

The Haptic Experience (HX) Lab at the University of Waterloo is group of researchers combining the fields of Human-Computer Interaction and Haptics. Haptic technology engages the sense of touch by providing physical feedback to users.

Our lab focuses on what we call HX Research. We study the design, study, and evaluation of complete haptic systems, with a drive towards studying these systems in-depth and at scale. As part of this work, we build software and conceptual tools for HX design and research to enable anyone, anywhere to be able to work with haptic technology just like it's other media. Without these tools, haptic technology will be limited to small, in-lab studies and slow deployment into commercial applications, and haptics will provide benefits for a select few. Our long-term goal is a suite of haptic computing tools to assist the creation, deployment, and study of haptic technology, which we will use to conduct cutting-edge research into haptics.

We are highly interdisciplinary spanning Faculties across the university, from Engineering to Arts.

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PhD candidate Ludwig Wilhelm Wall collaborated with an interdisciplinary group of Waterloo students to create "The Light Within," an interactive art installation featured in Lumière: The Art of Light. The exhibit is currently on display at Ontario Place until May 7.