The Equity Office

Gina Hickman, Emily Burnell and Tamara Zur from the Equity Office

From left to right: Gina Hickman, Director of Equity; Emily Burnell, Equity Coordinator; and Tamara Zur, Project Manager, Equity Initiatives

Our job is to work with stakeholders across campus to advance equity through evidence-based policies, practices and programs.

Some of the Equity Office's key responsibilities include:

  • Assisting students, staff and faculty with equity concerns to navigate University of Waterloo structures and systems;
  • Building relationships with stakeholders to collaborate on key equity initiatives;
  • Working closely with the Office of Research to implement the CRC equity plan and advance equity in research;
  • Arranging for learning and education opportunities related to equity;
  • Consulting and advising on equity and climate issues;
  • Chairing the Provost's Advisory Committee on Equity;and
  • Recommending resources on and off campus for people to find supports or advance their understanding of diversity, equity, and inclusivity.

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Equity Initiatives is the central source of expertise for the University of Waterloo community members on substantive equality, diversity, and inclusion matters. 

The key functions of this portfolio are to:

  • Develop and promote a strategic approach to advance equity at the University.
  • Evaluate and enhance University policies, procedures and practices to address equity.
  • Provide consultation and advice on equity issues (including duty to accommodate and climate).
  • Address systemic issues.
  • Develop equitable recruitment and retention strategies.
  • Deliver learning and development on equity-related matters.