Prospective Supervisors

How to get Involved

If you are a faculty member in Waterloo’s Faculties of Arts, Science, Health, Environment and Engineering who is interested in co-supervising a Master’s student in the MMath in Computational Mathematics (CM) or MMath in Data Science (DS) together with a faculty member from the Mathematics Faculty, the first step is to team up with a professor in the Math Faculty with matching interests and expertise.

Please check out the affiliates of the Centre for Computational Mathematics and the Data Science program and feel free to contact colleagues who may have shared interests or expertise.

Proposing a Project

Co-supervisor teams may submit proposed i-Comp-Data projects at any time by emailing them to Please provide a project title, a 10-line description of the project, and the names of the proposed co-supervisors. These proposed projects will be listed on the available projects webpage, and prospective students can mention projects of interest in their applications for the MMath in CM or DS. Co-supervisor teams will have access to all CM and DS applicant files.

For both programs, applications for September admission are due on January 15, and application files will be circulated to potential supervisors in February, with admission decisions typically made by March.

Sign up for the Mailing List

Prospective supervisors can sign up for the i-Comp-Data supervisor mailing list by emailing, you will receive timely information on research matching workshops and calls for projects for the i-Comp-Data program.

Computational Math Master's Program 

The MMath in Computational Mathematics is a 12-month, intensive Master’s program where students take 6 graduate classes in Computational Mathematics during the first 2 semesters, followed by a 4-month full-time research project during the third semester, supervised by the i-Comp-Data co-supervisors

Data Science Master's Program

The MMath in Data Science is a 2-year thesis-based Master’s program where students take 4 or 5 graduate classes in Data Science during the first 2 semesters, followed by Master’s thesis research for an additional 2 to 4 semesters, supervised by the i-Comp-Data co-supervisors.