TitleAutomated emergency detection and response
Publication TypePatent
Year of Publication2011
AuthorsMihailidis, A., D. Giesbrecht, J. Hoey, T. Lee, V. Young, M. Hamill, J. Boger, J. Paul Lobos, and B. Taati
Application NumberUS12471213
Date Published11/2011
AssigneeToronto Rehabilitation Institute
Patent NumberUS8063764B1
Keywordsemergency detection, emergency response

A system for detecting and responding to emergency events includes a plurality of local emergency detection and response units positioned in a local area. Each unit includes one or more local sensing agents and a local detection manager. Each local sensing agent is operable to detect emergency events by a change in a given emergency factor in the local area and to convey data representative of the change in the emergency factor to a detection manager which is operable to receive the data and to assign a value to the emergency factor according to the data. A central location controller unit and/or the local emergency detection and response unit are operable for classifying the assigned value of the emergency function to form an assigned value classification and for initiating the local emergency event response agent to implement a response protocol according to the assigned value classification.