International welcome programs

As an incoming student you are encouraged to participate in orientation and welcome programs. These programs provide a balanced introduction to the academic, social and community aspects of university life with the guidance and support of upper-year students.

Program Description Who is this program for?
International Orientation

This three day, overnight student experience is offered in late August or early September for first-year international students beginning their academic study in the Fall term. 

Check back in the spring for information about Fall 2017 International Orientation. 

First-year undergraduate students

Waterloo Orientation

Orientation takes place at the start of every term. It is designed to help you get acquainted with the university and introduce you to all of the student and academic services that the University of Waterloo has to offer.

All students. Check the Orientation website to find your program.

  • First-year students
  • Transfer students
  • Exchange students
  • Graduate students
Feds Welcome Week Feds Welcome Week is a full week of exciting events organized to welcome all students back to campus for the fall term. The highlight of the week is a concert by a talented artist or band. A similar schedule of events is also planned for the beginning of winter term and is called Frost Week.

All first-year students

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