International agreements

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The University of Waterloo’s collaborative approach to internationalization is formalized through international agreements with institutions worldwide.

Our successful partnerships are founded on strong connections between institutions and driven by faculty, staff, and students. Waterloo’s institutional priorities include enhancing Waterloo’s presence internationally, achieved in part by collaborating with institutions of excellence.

We invite you to submit a partnership request and/or to contact Waterloo International directly to discuss your interests in establishing an international agreement:

Our International agreements support a wide variety of activities:

Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)

A statement of cooperation to formally acknowledge an institutional partnership and the intent to explore and promote various academic links. Areas of cooperation include collaboration on academic programs, development of joint research activities, exchange of faculty and university staff, exchange of students, exchange of non-confidential information, including the results of teaching or research collaboration.  

Strategic Partnership Agreement

A cooperation agreement, more robust than a MOU, to formally acknowledge and deepen an institutional partnership and to define the collaborative support and academic activities.

Research Partnership Agreement

An agreement that specifies common fields of joint research themes and activities involving mobility of students, staff, and/or faculty for research, lectures, workshops and general exchange of research documentation. Administered by the Office of Research. Contact: Drew Knight, Director, Global Research and Strategic Alliances,

Student Mobility Agreement

A bilateral or multilateral agreement that defines the exchange of students between or amongst the partners in support of international academic, work-integrated learning, research and service objectives.

Joint Academic Program Agreement

A bilateral agreement with a university partner that defines and facilitates students’ academic progress toward a joint or dual degree. Joint academic program models are defined by the numbers of years students attend each institution (e.g. 2+2 or 3+1+1).

Cotutelle Agreement

A bilateral agreement that defines and facilitates PhD students to take courses and conduct research and at both institutions. The doctoral thesis is jointly supervised and upon completion of the degree requirement of both institutions, students receive two PhD’s.

Pathways Agreement

A bilateral agreement with a high school, college, or university partner that defines admissions criteria to facilitate students’ academic progress toward a University of Waterloo degree.