International agreements

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The University of Waterloo’s institutional priorities include a focus “on internationalization and interdisciplinarity” to “advanc[e] learning and knowledge through teaching, research and scholarship, nationally and internationally”. To accomplish this and other goals, Waterloo collaborates with other institutions of excellence around the globe. Our successful partnerships are founded on strong connections between institutions and are driven by faculty, staff, and students.

While many of these collaborations occur at the individual-to-individual or unit-to-unit level, international partnerships with demonstrated potential can often be augmented or catalyzed at the institutional level through the use of formal international agreements. Waterloo International is the Academic Support Unit (ASU) that assesses and stewards many institutional-level international agreements on behalf of the University. Where a partnership advances the strategic goals of the institution, is mutually beneficial and/or involves multiple units or Faculties, Waterloo International works with the relevant Faculties and other ASUs to develop an appropriate agreement, which may include a Joint Academic Program Agreement, Memorandum of Understanding (MOUs), Pathway Agreement, Strategic Partnership Agreement, Student Mobility Agreement or, other appropriate form of agreement.

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