Summer 2023 at Waterloo International

Friday, September 1, 2023

It is hard to believe that summer – at least in the academic year sense – is drawing to a close! Here in Waterloo International, it has been a ‘full summer’. ‘Full’ for many included vacation time, which was wonderful, and ‘full’ also included impactful work to move internationalization forward at Waterloo in multiple ways. Check out these activities from the past two months:

Our International Agreements team has been negotiating MoUs (memoranda of understanding) with peer universities around the world, including in Indonesia, Japan, the United States, and Vietnam.  These MoUs advance mutual understanding and set the stage for internationalization opportunities for Waterloo members. 

Our International Operations team welcomed a new Waterloo International member and said goodbye and au revoir to two others.  The team also helped to ensure all the other parts of Waterloo International ran smoothly.

Our International Opportunities team continued to promote ways for Waterloo members to internationalize their learning and research.  Funding competitions from, for instance, the Association of Commonwealth Universities and the Shastri Indo-Canadian Institute were advertised on its website

Our International Relations team engaged with visiting delegations on campus from around the world – for instance, Austria, South Africa, South Korea, Taiwan, and the United Kingdom.  Such interactions bring Waterloo’s prominence to the world, and educational opportunities back to campus.

Our Safety Abroad team updated its website. The website reflects the improved International Travel Process for students, faculty and staff to register their international travel. The team also streamlined its processes to ensure that Waterloo travellers are provided with the pre-departure risk mitigation resources they need to prepare effectively for travel. Visit the website for assistance registering your trip. 

And, of course, as summer turns to autumn, activity continues.  Watch for our next post – next week – as we note some of the anticipated highlights for Waterloo International during Fall 2023 term at the University of Waterloo!

Waterloo International staff group photo