Bongo: Virtual Classroom and Video Assignments

Bongo couples a Virtual Classroom component with three comprehensive Video Assignment workflows, and allows learners to use virtually any device to complete assignments and join live meetings.

Bongo Basics

  • Visit the Bongo page for Instructors in the IST Knowledge Base.
  • A maximum of 150 students can be invited to a virtual meeting and only 7 webcams can be active.
  • Consider disabling participant webcams for your virtual classroom.
  • Instructors can pre-record a lecture using their webcam, screen, or both.
  • Breakout rooms are possible for small groups within the larger class. 

Please review the Privacy in Recordings page, which includes a downloadable notification template to post in your course.

Tips for Bongo Virtual Classrooms

Video Assignments

There are four assignment options.

  1. Individual projects

Video tutorial for setting up an individual assignment.

Video tutorial on peer review settings.

Video tutorial for sheduling a virtual classroom.

  1. Group Project Overview
  1. Question and answer assignments
  2. Interactive video assignments