Lake Futures at World Wetlands Day 2019

Monday, February 4, 2019

Multiple Lake Futures researchers presented their work at the University of Waterloo World Wetlands Day 2019 celebration on February 4th. Philippe Van Cappellen opened the event with welcoming remarks, including a brief history of World Wetlands Day with the Ecohydrology Research Group.

Homa Kheyrollah Pour gave the first research presentation of the day, discussing the signals of climate change in the Great Lakes Region. Next, Tamara Van Staden, a master's student from our partner project LEAP, presented her work on phosphorus legacies in Ontario watersheds. Later on, Serghei Bocaniov, one of our postdoctoral fellows, participated in the lightning talks. He gave a short talk about the importance of Lake St. Clair within the Great Lakes region.

In the second session, Tyler Hampton, a PhD student in Nandita Basu's lab, discussed his work in quantifying post-forest-fire hydrologic response and it's impact on water quality. After the research talks, there was a poster session with posters presented by Meghan McLeod, Tyler Hampton, Philippe Van Cappellen and many others. Meghan McLeod, one of our undergraduate research assistants, won the Best Undergrad Poster award!

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