About Lean at Waterloo

Supporting the University's Robust Employer-Employee strategic theme and Excellence Canada initiative, Lean provides a consistent framework and set of tools for improving processes at Waterloo. It is founded on the principles of continuous improvement and respect for people, and empowers employees to step up to their roles as problem-solvers.

Marilyn Thompson, Associate Provost, Human Resources at Waterloo, chairs the Americas group for the international Lean Higher Education network of universities. This network aims to support continuous improvement in Higher Education (HE) to best support students, research outcomes, and everyone that HE serves.

In September 2015, Waterloo hosted the Lean in Higher Education Conference, welcoming Lean HE enthusiasts from around the globe. A large number of Waterloo employees attended this conference and have since fuelled a groundswell of interest in learning and applying Lean methodologies for process improvement at Waterloo.

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