Lean Higher Education

Waterloo is part of an international Lean Higher Education network of universities focused on continuous improvement. St. Andrews University in Scotland maintains an interactive world map of over 35 universities with continuous improvement teams:

Map with pins showing the location of universities world-wide with continuous improvement teams

Waterloo also participates in the High Performance Consortium, which brings together Lean-focused organizations from across sectors in Southern Ontario to share with and learn from one another. Waterloo employees have participated in training with and/or site visits to Bell Mobility, Brant Community Health, St. Mary's General Hospital, and more.

Join Waterloo's Lean community

Interested in getting involved with Lean at Waterloo? In coming months, we will be drawing upon our growing community of interest and practice to develop and strengthen a Lean framework at Waterloo. There will be opportunities for training, sharing across departments, and involvement in Lean projects. Get involved and/or suggest a Lean project.

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