The L3 Activation Stream

Activation Stream

This Stream is the word-of-mouth marketing arm of L3, whose aim is to raise interest around Canada in building systemic support for social acquisitions and social purpose conversions. The Activation Stream brings potential new Members in to the L3 Community and orients them to the work they can engage in with other L3 Members.  

The Activation Stream organizes Members who want to mobilize their networks to promote and recruit potential new Members. Activation Stream Members also find individuals and organizations that should be at the design table for products, services and initiatives; and create opportunities for sharing products, services and interventions with their networks.

L3 Leadership will run focused events and provide resources to help Activation Members get the word out about L3 and the systemic support we are collectively developing. Our vision is for Activation Stream Members to be leaders in fostering a SABR movement throughout the country.

L3 Members who are talented network-builders and see themselves as promoters and recruiters into social acquisition work should join this Stream.

To join an existing Activation Group or initiate a new Group, request a 20-minute consultation.