Local pilot workshops

MAP: Waterloo Region Workshop

January 15, 2020 - evolv1 building, Waterloo, ON

Waterloo online
L3 Waterloo Workshop

The first L3 Workshop in Kitchener-Waterloo was attended by 16 local participants from all over the region.

Participants were invited to engage in a series of mapping excercises, in which they rotated tables in order to maximize their collisions with one another and provoke new ways of thinking at new activity. The ultimate goal of the day was to unearth a deeper understanding of the current small business succession challenges in the region, as well as the local products, services, and processes currently available or needed to see a greater uptake of social purpose conversions in the region.

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At lunch, we were pleased to bring in local co-operative Seven Shores Community Cafe for delicious catered sandwiches, wraps, and treats. Seven shores also served coffee, tea, and beverages throughout the event.


Here are some of the participants that attended the event.

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FRAME: Waterloo Region Workshop

April 1, 2020 - Online Zoom Workshop

Waterloo online

The second L3 workshop targeting the Kitchener-Waterloo Region, delivered entirely online, was attended by 23 local participants from the region.

Participants were briefed on the current state of affairs in Canada, particularly in the small business world. They are then split up into small groups to discuss how small businesses could adapt to the circumstances in this time of crisis. After a short break, participants came up with their own topics that they wanted to explore further and went into small groups to share their thoughts with each other.

On day two, participants were introduced to the Three Horizons framework. Each participant joined the horizon they are interested in and started discussions around it. In the final activity, participants went through a series of questions to make decisions towards concrete actions they could take to support a Waterloo Region social acquisition movement.