Alumnus - Class of 2019

Professional headshot of class of 2019 student Jessica GoddardCurrent position: Analyst, Manufacturing and Life Sciences Branch, Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada (ISED) 
Co-op position: Analyst, Manufacturing and Life Sciences Branch, Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada (ISED) 
Academic background: Bachelor of Arts (Honours), Arts and Business, Social Development Studies, University of Waterloo

Why did you choose Waterloo’s MPS program? 

I chose MPS because I love the University of Waterloo community. I also chose the MPS program because of the unique structure of the program. The 8-month coop gave me the opportunity to get in-depth work experience. 

Tell us about your current co-op position. 

In my current co-op position, I work on policies related to consumer products and manufacturing. This includes working on projects related to tariffs. I am tasked with conducting research for various projects and supporting my team in fulfilling our mandate. 

How did the MPS program, including your co-op experiences prepare you for a career? 

The MPS program has prepared me for a career as it has provided me with a strong foundation from which I could build upon. MPS provided me with the opportunity to develop a broad range of skills, such as project management and data analysis, which I have been able to polish through my co-op experience. My co-op experience has prepared me for a career in the public service because it has given me the opportunity to gain real-world experience and build my network. 

What are your favourite MPS moments? 

One of my favourite MPS moments was when we had a surprise pizza and cupcake lunch with special guest Lucy the golden retriever (Sheila’s puppy). Food and puppies, can it get any better? 

 What have you learned about yourself as a result of the program and your career? 

I have learned that I will never know ‘enough’. Life is about continually learning and challenging yourself. I was consistently challenged to step outside my comfort zone during my co-op and it was in these moments that I was able to learn the most and able to develop new skills. I have learned not to avoid risk, but to instead take strategic risks and learn from failure. 

What has been your most interesting experience working in the public service? 

My most interesting experience working in the public service has been working on policies that have an impact on practically every Canadian. I have had the opportunity to work on retaliatory tariffs.

What advice do you have for someone interested in taking the MPS program?


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