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Tianqi Li

Contact for: MNS oversight, Faculty Relations, MNS Program concerns, SciSoc Concerns, Lab Events coordination or involvement.

Doreen Cheng

Vice President
Contact for: Outreach, Lab Events, MNS 10 Seminar, Mentorship program, MNS-Science Communications, News or Events

Elizabeth O'Sullivan

Elizabeth O'Sullivan Contact Photo (performing Lab work)
Contact for: External funding, financial inquiry, transparency, budget policy, or SciSoc finance inquiries.

Mary Gopanchuk

Contact for: Minutes, information requests, MNS events coordination.

Bob Zhou

International Partnership Program Representative
Contact for: International Partnership Program matters. International Student concerns.

Seneca J Velling

Seneca Velling President Contact Photo
Location: STC 1028
Contact for: Technical difficulties, communications, voting information, coordinator applications, MNS Social Media or outreach concerns
Link to profile: SJVelling LinkedIn
Link to personal webpage: TeamArgonNauts