MNS 10 Seminar

The MNS 10 Seminar is a Department of Chemistry and Department of Physics course run jointly by the Departments and the MNS Society.

The Seminar offers students a chance to directly engage with their student government and program advisors, and offers interesting presentation topics ranging from superconductors and nanofabrication of flexible electronics to graduate studies at Waterloo-Guelph. MNS 10 is a public, open lecture seminar series offered in MC 4045 at 1:30pm every other Wednesday.

Past seminars

Title Term Speaker
MNS mission success: What to expect in your next 4 years! F17 MNS Society (Fiorella Villanueva Heldmaier, MNS 10 Coordinator)
Heterogeneous integration: Considerations for flexible electronics from thin-film to nano-devices W17 Dr. William Wong (Waterloo Engineering/Institute of Nanotechnology)
Graduate School admissions presentations for Waterloo-Guelph: Physics & Astronomy and Chemistry W17 Director Melanie Campbell (Physics & Astronomy) and Director Thorsten Dieckmann (Chemistry)
Co-operative experiences, opportunities, and research presentations: From Beijing to Harvard W17 Austin Richard, Tom Chung, Elizabeth O'Sullivan, Jake, Seneca Velling
Superconductivity and low temperature physics W17 Professor Rob Hill (Physics & Astronomy)
Course planning and conflict resolution W17 Austin Richard, Elizabeth O'Sullivan, Seneca Velling
Scholarships and awards presentation F16 Michelle Gilbert (Undergraduate Awards Office)