2021 Elections Candidate Profiles

MMEGA is pleased to present the candidates running for the new 2021/2022 executive team. Please find candidates' profiles below.

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picture of mercy

Name: Mercy Ombogo

Program: PhD in MME

Candidate Position(s): Vice President

Reason of Interest: The reason I want to be part of MMEGA is to aid in fostering an environment of mutual understanding between the department and the student body by continually keeping communication the channels open however I can.

Background, Skills, Experience:

picture of suman

Name: Suman Kumar T K

Program: MEng, Fall 2021

Candidate Position(s): Vice President or Director

Reason of Interest: I like to be a part of the MMEGA team. With all the skills I have gained, Id try to help and be an active contributor supporting the MMEGA president in their activities and communicating with Coordinators by being the VP. Otherwise, I would apply for the role as a Director, assisting members of the team and providing ideas for improvements.

Background, Skills, Experience: I was working as a Senior Design Engineer at Mercedes Benz with an overall experience of 8 years in RD, New Product Development working at different organizations. Working at different organizations, I have gained good knowledge in handling teams, people and monitoring them. I was secretary of cultural events at MBRDI. As the Director for Cosmic Handball Sports Club Hassan, I led the team in organizing two state- level tournaments in Karnataka at Hassan. During my college days, I supported Engineering and diploma students(Mechanical Civil) in their studies by teaching them and guiding them. I had also taken part in sports and cultural events(including organizing few events) thus was awarded as The Best Outgoing Student of the year. Apart from these, I served as a coach to the Handball team(BMSCE) for MW and won the VTU championship four consecutive years for both M W.

picture of candidate

Name: Prajwal Prakash Pai

Program: MEng

Candidate Position(s): Vice President Finance

Reason of Interest: I would be really interested in being a part of the MMEGA group and be an active part of it. Moreover, support in all the possible ways to grow MMEGA to new heights.

Background, Skills, Experience: I am a Mechanical engineer. However, I have been a part of many events and organizations at the college, school and society levels. If you need any further information, I would be glad to share it with you.

picture of sambhav

Name: Sambhav Dalal

Program: MEng

Candidate Position(s): Vice President Social

Reason of Interest: I am an incoming International student, enrolled in MEng MME program. I would like to apply for positions which might give me opportunities to help others to have a better network. Since months, I have been quite active on LinkedIn, and I believe I was able to connect to a lot of students from different departments. I have helped quite a number of incoming students to connect to right people. Moreover, during my Bachelors I have always been interested in volunteering for management roles for various cultural events and even technical workshops (mentioned below). I would like to continue this habit and apply for the Vice President Social position. Listing down various management responsibilities that I have undertook during Bachelors in different events.

Background, Skills, Experience:

Volunteer and Participation

  • Conduct of ISIE International Conference at IIT Delhi (2017)
  • Jaguar The Art of Performance Tour - Rayo Racing (2017) as Track Operations Executive
  • Johnnie Walker Never Drink and Drive social event, hosted by Rannvijay Singha attended by Mika Hakkinen (F1 World Champion) (2016)
  • Participated in AUTOKRITI: National level Automotive Workshop organized by SAE NIT KURUKSHETRA (2018)
  • Participated in Automobile IC Engine Design Workshop conducted by Auto-Freak India at IIT, Bombay (2018)
  • Participated in Annual Quality Conclave on Leadership for Quality organized by ASQ (2018)
  • Participated in All India Open Junior Speedball Championship (2012)
  • Guided juniors for their minor projects on SolidWorks (2018)
  • Attended Summer Immersion Programe (10 days) on 3D Modelling, 3D Printing and UAVs (Unmaned Arial Vehicles) at Providence University in Taichung, Taiwan.

Positions of Responsibility

  • Secretary- ISHRAE (Indian Society of Heating, Refrigerating Air Conditioning Engineers). (Conduct of Technical workshops)
  • Vice Captain of Team Alacrity. (Team management role)
picture of peter

Name: Peter Lee

Program: MASc

Candidate Position(s): Wellness Representative

Reason of Interest: Ive always been interested in advocating student work-life balance and mental health and having gone through some mental health related hardships myself I found there is more need to raise the awareness.

Background, Skills, Experience: Last year in my fourth-year design project, my team developed a watch-type wearable device using GSR and BVP sensor, to attempt to monitor the stress status of a person based on the physiobiological signals. (This project was designed to collaborate with Sam, our MME wellness coordinator, but didnt get to work with Sam due to COVID ).

picture of kelly

Name:Kelly Zheng


Candidate Position(s): Wellness Representative

Reason of Interest: Going into these next few terms, I think wellness will be a top priority for us to tackle as a community. We as grad students have been balancing the stress of the everyday with productivity in our academics and research, mostly alone. As wellness rep, I hope to make this a less lonely experience. I hope to learn your needs and concerns, so that we can tackle them as a community. And together, I hope to build a joyful, productive, and supportive grad student experience that we all deserve.

Background, Skills, Experience: I have over eight years of experience serving our uWaterloo community. As an undergrad, I was elected as the representative of my chemical engineering cohort for all five years. In the position, I got to know a bit of our admin and understand the process through which change can be enacted on campus, successfully advocating for the installation of microwaves, scheduling accommodations for international students, and the renovation of our fourth year lounge. As a graduate student, Ive also had the privilege of serving as a Director the UW-GSA and as a grad student committee member of WiE.

picture of tanishq

Name: Tanishq Choudhary

Program: MEng, Fall 2021

Candidate Position(s): Director

Reason of Interest: I feel that being a new graduate student, Director would be a great position for me to contribute to the MMEGA. Assisting the executive members in their responsibilities and providing honest feedback for the constant improvement of the MMEGA are tasks that I will take on confidently and diligently. This position would let me be a representative of the MME department and enable me to have a contribution to its smooth functioning. This platform would also provide me with a means to connect with other members of the MME department and learn about and form their work and experiences. Honestly, I would be delighted to be a part of an association that aids other students as well as helps me grow both personally and academically.

Background, Skills, Experience: I have recently finished my undergraduate and all my experience and skills are from this time period, and these project my ability to work in teams and collaborate:

  • I have served as a board member for the Rotaract Club at my undergraduate institution. We, as a team of 12 board members led a community of 50+ members to conduct events relating to socio-cultural problems, for instance, sanitary drive, food distribution drive, nursing home visits, tree plantation drives etc.
  • As a member of the core team of my undergraduate universitys Food Festival team, organized 8 food-related events including one Guinness World Record attempt. In this team, I was the media coordinator and handled photography and videography-related work.
  • have some experience with working on Adobe Lightroom for photography and Adobe Premiere pro for making videos. I also have experience using canva to make posters and flyers for events of the clubs I was a part of during my under-graduation.
  • My professional interests lie in the area of Design and Manufacturing, and I hope that I can pursue my MEng with the GDip in design. Apart from my academics, I enjoy tennis, movies and photography and I love to play games like Valorant and FIFA.
picture of jinesh

Name: Jinesh Atulbhai Shah

Program: MEng

Candidate Position(s): Director or MEng Representative

Reason of Interest: Here at MMEGA, I wish to apply as much knowledge and experience I have gained till date to support the MME community and help increase student engagement, support the executive team members in their responsibilities as well as be a part of the discussions regarding policies and issues if and when arise.

Background, Skills, Experience: I am pursuing MEng in Mechanical and Mechatronics along with a Graduate Diploma in Design, targeting to improve my design thinking and complex problem-solving skills. Back in India during my undergrad, I co-founded a community, The Twenty-Fifth Hour, where we organized literature open-mics and workshops across various universities and cities to provide people interested in literature a platform to raise spread their opinions/thoughts/ideas. Ive grown a habit of listening and understanding what people have to say and make friends with them, which I genuinely enjoy. During my undergrad, I have also been a part of the student chapters of ASME, TEDx, and iMAZE (college tech-fest management committee).

Sneaking into my room secretly, you will find me watching chess streams, stand-up shows, or sci-fi movies/web series.

picture of Ahmed

Name: Ahmed Saieed

Program: PhD

Candidate Position(s):

Reason of Interest:

Background, Skills, Experience: