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This is the official website of the University of Waterloo Mechanical and Mechatronics Engineering Graduate Association (MMEGA). 

On this site you will find information on MMEGA and any planned social events for MME Graduate Students.

You can also keep track of our events through our Facebook page.

  1. Sep. 23, 20212021 Elections: Cast your Vote

    The 2021 Elections for the new MMEGA executive team is underway. Please visit the candidate profiles webpage to learn about the graduate students running for exective team positions.

    Vote here or use the following URL 

  2. July 29, 2021Cancellation of AGM Event
    MMEGA Logo

    Hello MME graduate fellows,   

    It is unfortunate to announce that MMEGA must cancel the AGM event due to the lack of applicants. As students, we have neglected this association once and suffered from a lack of effective communication with our department. If you are worried about the time commitment, reach out to the executive members and consult with them.

  3. Mar. 24, 2021MME Graduate Research Symposium
    MME Graduate Research Symposium

    The 2021 MME Graduate Research Symposium was held on March 17th.  

    MMEGA’s sincere appreciation goes to those who dedicated their time and participated in this event.  

    During the event, graduate students could share their work and take questions.

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