MME Graduate Research Symposium

Wednesday, March 24, 2021

The 2021 MME Graduate Research Symposium was held on March 17th.  

MMEGA’s sincere appreciation goes to those who dedicated their time and participated in this event.  

During the event, graduate students could share their work and take questions.

In addition to the research presentations, Dr. Chang from Conrad School of Entrepreneurship and Business and Dr. Fladd from Writing and Communication Centre provided some insight through their presentations.

MME Graduate Research Symposium

In the end, judges - Dr. Tan, Dr. Teertstra, and Dr. Daun - shared their evaluation results with all of us:  

1st Place

Sola Weng 

2nd Place

Kissan Mistry 

3rd Place

Shehryar Khan 

Entrepreneurship Award

Kissan Mistry 

Peoples’ Choice Award for best poster

Matthew Cann