• Determines when meetings are held
  • Sets the agenda and chairs all meetings
  • Supervises the other executives
  • Oversees any Mechanical and Mechatronics Engineering Graduate Association (MMEGA) related activities
  • Acts as the official representative of the club
  • Delegates tasks for other executives if necessary

Vice president social

  • Organizes at least one social event for MMEGA members each term
  • Organizes sports teams consisting of MMEGA members for any on-campus intramural based on members’ interests
  • Delegates tasks related to organizing social events to other executives as necessary
  • Maintains signing authority on MMEGA financial accounts
  • Responsible for tracking the club’s finances
  • Responsible for pursuing funding from the department and/or Graduate Student (GSA) for events

Vice president academic

  • Attends department meetings and represents MMEGA when in attendance
  • Facilitates discussions should any academic issue arise between graduate students and the MME department, if needed
  • Provides information regarding department meetings to the MMEGA executive during executive meetings

Vice president communications

  • Takes meeting minutes during executive and general meetings
  • Responsible for advertising MMEGA events through any media such as poster, email, UWaterloo Daily Bulletin, etc.
  • Maintains the MMEGA website, including posting of meeting minutes in a publicly accessible manner

GSA representative

  • Represents the Mechanical and Mechatronics Engineering (MME) department at GSA meetings
  • Provides information regarding GSA meetings, events and news to MMEGA executive during executive meetings
  • Facilitates discussions should any graduate student related policy issue arise between GSA and the MME department, if needed
  • May have additional responsibilities to the GSA as a representative of the MME department

M.Eng. representative

  • Shall be a student enrolled in the Master of Engineering degree (M.Eng.) program
  • Ensures that students enrolled within the M.Eng. program are appropriately represented within MMEGA
  • Facilitates discussions should any academic/policy issue arise between M.Eng. graduate students and the MME department, if needed
  • Assists with organizing other club activities, if their schedule allows


  • Assists other executive members if necessary
  • Provides ideas and suggestions for improving MMEGA