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I am currently completing a textbook entitled "Penser la minorisation culturelle et linguistique. Exemples de communautés francophones au Canada" [Towards a Theory of Cultural and Linguistic Minoritization, Examples from French-speaking communities in Canada] offered via e-campus Ontario for the
course FR 473.

What prompted you to become involved in OER?

I love the course FR 473 and felt that it would be useful to create an OER as no textbook exists to cover the materials of this course. This OER (or parts of it) could be used in many other courses taught at different institutions in Canada. It is important for me to integrate better practices in my teaching, might it be regarding accessibility, clarity, interaction, and feedback.

What guidance would you share with an instructor considering OER for the first time?

I recommend:

  • Discussing your initial ideas with CTE consultants.
  • Informing your chair/director of your project.
  • Sharing the idea with your colleagues and seeking feedback from them.
  • Taking a step-by-step approach. This allows you to try out some options and correct along the way if necessary.
  • Asking for feedback from your students!

Can other instructors interested in OER reach out to you?

Yes, at

University of Waterloo

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