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Welcome to the Open Scholarship Committee's (OSC) website. We are a team of faculty members, librarians, staff members, and students who educate, advocate for, and support open research practices, open access publishing, open data, and open educational resources. We are committed to helping scholars make informed decisions about the ways they make their research, scholarship, and instructional content accessible within their scholarly communities.

What is open scholarship?

The Association of Research Libraries (ARL) defines open scholarship as: "encompass[ing] open access, open data, open educational resources and all other forms of openness in the scholarly and research environment." More information, including definitions of each of these areas can be found on the pages linked in the sidebar.


    1. Piwowar, H., Priem, J., Larivière, V., Alperin, J. P., Matthias, L., Norlander, B., … Haustein, S. (2018). The state of OA: a large-scale analysis of the prevalence and impact of Open Access articles. PeerJ, 6, e4375. doi:10.7717/peerj.4375

    1. May 11, 2021OE Awards for Excellence 2021
      Open Education Awards 2021

      The call for nominations for the OE Awards opens May 17, 2021, and closes July 16. The awards provide annual recognition for outstanding contributions in the Open Education Community. They are administered by an international non-profit group, Open Education Global. For further information about categories and timelines see Open Education Awards for Excellence.

    2. Feb. 28, 2021Open course encourages student success at Waterloo and beyond

      By Ceili Minten

      A Waterloo course on fostering student engagement in online courses is designed for easy use at international institutions.

    3. Feb. 28, 2021Open approach to online course creation saves students $56,385 each term

      By Ceili Minten

      PSYCH 253 saves students $56,385 each term.

      Previously, the 300 students who enrolled each term were required to buy a textbook listed at $187.95. Redesigning the course around open textbooks eliminates this cost.

      Books are very expensive; not all students can afford to buy, or choose to buy, all textbooks. Not having a textbook reduces learning and lowers grades. As well as eliminating cost, using open textbooks also eliminates a barrier to success.

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