Continuing Lecturer, Earth and Environmental Sciences

My OER projectsJohn Johnston, smiling, taken on a sunny day outdoors

Salt Tour - adopting the perspective of a Geoscientist in Earth 121 Introductory Earth Science. The project was funded by the Dean of Science Undergraduate Teaching Initiative.

Geology of Southern Ontario - working with Heidi Daxberger at the University of Toronto, along with the Geological Survey and Canada, Ontario Geological Survey, Professional Geoscientists of Ontario, and Oil, Gas, Salt Resource Library to create a learning framework, material, and activities.

What prompted you to become involved in OER?

I wanted to contribute to life-long learning for all.

A lot of instructors are hesitant about OER. Do you share those hesitations? How do you address them?

I do not. I am limited by time.

Can other instructors interested in OER reach out to you?

Yes, at

University of Waterloo

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