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Transfer students

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Programming for transfer students runs Monday, September 4 to Saturday, September 9 with classes starting September 7. 

Join us for Transfer Orientation if you are:

  • A college transfer student

  • A university transfer student
  • A 2+2 student

What is Transfer Orientation?

Transfer Orientation offers free, transfer-student specific programming. Events include Transfer Orientation, Transfer Student Movie Night, faculty-specific academic sessions and selected campus-wide First-Year Orientation events, including: 

  • Warrior Welcome
  • For Your Information
  • Single and Sexy
  • Waterloo Fest
  • Black and Gold Day football game (please note: Transfer students that do not opt-in to First-Year Orientation are not able to attend the Black and Gold Day carnival)

Can I register for First-Year Orientation too?

Yes! By opting into First-Year Orientation, you will be able to attend all programming available to first-year students, which includes:

  •  All faculty specific programs and events; and
  • Campus-wide Orientation events including
    • Choose Your Own Adventure,
    • Black and Gold Day Carnival, and
    • Monte Carlo.

If you choose to opt-in to First-Year Orientation, a fee of $107.01 will be added to your Quest account in September. You will need to pay attention to your Fall Term Fee statement and ensure you pay the balance as soon as possible so you don’t incur late fees. 

How do I register for Transfer Orientation and/or First-Year Orientation?

To register, log into Portal with your WatIAm login information (the username and password that you use to log into Quest). Portal is a web tool and app with all the information you need to succeed during your time at Waterloo – everything from your class schedule to the campus map.

Once you’ve logged in:

  1. Click on Widgets (top menu item)
  2. Search for and select Orientation
  3. Enter your information on all pages and submit!


Email We look forward to welcoming you to campus this fall!

You can also learn more about the programs and resources available to support you during your time at Waterloo on the Student Success Office website.