About Philosophy Graduate Student Association

The Philosophy Graduate Student Association at the University of Waterloo serves to represent graduate students as well as provide an environment in which graduate students can make the most of their experience in Waterloo’s Philosophy department!  Every year the PGSA organizes a number of events for graduate students and the department in general, as well as takes on initiatives to support our local community.  From our annual PGSA graduate conference to regular social events such as movie nights, game nights, and BBQs, there are many ways that students can get involved in the PGSA.

As outlined in our constitution, the PGSA shall:

  • Promote and represent any or all of the mutual interests of its members, as well as the operation and promotion of and for a philosophy graduate student society.
  • Promote and maintain communication with the philosophy faculty and the Philosophy department and represent its full members and their interests within the university.
  • Administer its affairs within the limits prescribed by the PGSA’s Constitution.
  • Endeavor to aid individual full members with specific problems related to the Philosophy department.
  • Act to stimulate social and intellectual contact among its members.