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Students working in a chemistry lab.

The goal of this page is to organize and help share Leanne’s Open Education Resources in practical organic chemistry. Technology can be used to help prepare students for laboratory work by allowing them to perform “dry runs” of the experiments or viewing diagrams and animations to help them understand what is happening at the molecular level.

Latest news

Friday, June 23, 2023

Substitution Virtual Lab

Soft-launch of the virtual lab on SN1/SN2 created in collaboration with Dr. Pier Alexandre Champagne (https://visualizeorgchem.com/) and Benjamin MacKenzie (3B Chemistry/Computational Specialization).

I am very excited to announce that both my proposals have been accepted from ChemEd 2023. I am excited to connect with more educators in chemistry, please reach out if you would like to meet up during the conference. Below are the details of my presentations.

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Wednesday, July 19, 2023

EDDI resources I like

Non-exhaustive list of books, websites and podcasts (series or episodes) I like on topics around anti-racism, Indigenous rights, gender and equity.

You are welcome here rainbow flag.