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Current projects

In this work, we are interested in broadening our understanding of people's mental models of Internet of Things (IoT) devices. Particularly, we are interested in collecting and analyzing stories they may have heard related to IoT devices for studying people's mental models.

In this project, we explore UX/UI designers’ values and responsibilities towards “privacy dark patterns” (the use of deceptive design patterns to minimize users’ privacy).

In a series of studies, we identify developer security personas to describe their attitudes and motivations towards secure development to guide the design of tools and interventions tailored to specific developer segments.

Other initiatives

In collaboration with researchers from Health Sciences, we developed a web-based  interactive tool for knowledge mobilization of the paper-based version of the Canadian Guideline for Safe Wandering for use by persons living with dementia and their care partners.

Completed projects

In a series of exploratory studies, we designed and evaluated a comic-based authoring tool that leverages concept-driven storytelling and ideation cards for creating privacy concepts and stories. 

In this research partnership between U Waterloo, Rogers Communications, and Halion displays, we investigate how to communicate crowding on trains through public information visualisation displays.