I teach primarily in the Global Business and Digital Arts undergraduate program at the Stratford School of Interaction Design and Business, University of Waterloo.

Current Teaching

Fall 2023

GBDA 414: Special Topics in Interaction Design

Design for Trust, Transparency, and Safety: In this special topic course in interaction design, we focus on studying privacy-aware interactions and experiences in digital products. Students will develop a critical understanding of users’ perceptions, the related behaviour, and challenges in managing their data privacy through an exploration of theory, research, and methods from human-computer interaction and the social sciences, such as work in decision-making, learning, social behaviour, and communications. Equipped with theoretical knowledge and design guidelines, students will examine and design user interfaces and interactions that support transparency, safety, and trust.


  • Through a series of topical readings, analyses, and discussions, students understand the potential security and privacy issues that arise through users’ interaction with technology.
  • Hand-on assignments and design exercises will help students develop a privacy-conscious mindset when creating digital solutions for end-users.
  • Students will explore the design space for creating privacy-aware design solutions.

Winter 2024

On sabbatical.

Previous Teaching

  • GBDA 101: Introduction to Digital Media Design
  • GBDA 103/210: Introduction to User Experience Design
  • GBDA 205: Quantitative Methods
  • GBDA 228: Digital Imaging for Online Applications
  • GBDA 302: Global Digital Project 2
  • GBDA 310: Advanced User Experience Design and Research
  • GBDA 401/402: Cross-Cultural Digital Business (Capstone)
  • GBDA 403: Extended ePortfolio I
  • GBDA 414: Special Topics in Interaction Design

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