Guide to ECC Guide to Elliptic Curve Cryptography
(with D. Hankerson and S. Vanstone)
Handbook of Applied Cryptography

Handbook of Applied Cryptography
(with P. van Oorschot and S. Vanstone)

ECC Elliptic Curve Public Key Cryptosystems
Applications of Finite Fields Applications of Finite Fields
(with I. Blake, S. Gao, R. Mullin, S. Vanstone and T. Yaghoobian)
DCC Designs, Codes and Cryptography
Special Issue in Honor of Scott A. Vanstone 
(with I. Blake and D. Stinson)
Latincrypt 2014 Proceedings of LATINCRYPT 2014
(edited with D. Aranha)

Proceedings of CRYPTO 2007

CT-RSA 2005 Proceedings of CT-RSA 2005
INDOCRYPT 2002 Proceedings of Indocrypt 2002
(edited with P. Sarkar)
CRYPTO '90 Proceedings of CRYPTO '90
(edited with S. Vanstone)