Post Doctoral Fellows

Sarah Peirce (2018), Alluvial Cover Dynamics in Fixed-Bed Channels with Irregular Meanders

Margot Chapuis (2014) Assessment stability and sediment dynamics of riffle-pool restoration in an urban creek, co-supervised with André Roy, Faculty of Environment.


Elli Papangelakis (2019) Bedload sediment transport regimes of urban gravel-bed rivers under different management scenarios.

Hamed Dashtpeyma (2019), Turbulent structures in isolated pool-riffle units.


Matthew Lannetta (2020) Design of a Remote, Integrated, Automatic and Continuous Bedload Sediment Transport Monitoring Station and Application in a Rural Stream in Southern Ontario

Andrew Clow (2020) Characterizing sediment transport and stability in remote river systems.

Aryn Cain (2019) High-precision Sediment Tracking for Characterization of Sediment Transport of a Rural Stream in Sourthern Ontario Conditioned by Glacial Legacy Deposits. 

Christopher Muirhead (2018) Advances in River Bedload Tracking Technology: Self-righting Radio Frequency Identification Tracers and an In-stream Automated Station.

Thomas Raso (2017) The Impacts of Stormwater Management on Hydromodification and Bedload Sediment Transport in a Gravel-Bed Stream.

Kimisha Ghunowa (2017) Spatial Decision Support for Urban Streams.

John Hufnagel (2016), Flume construction and RFID tracking techniques for fluvial sediment transport studies.

Sannan Mansoor (2015), Sediment Transport and Metals Modeling in an Urban Stream: The Don River in Toronto.  Co-supervised with Philippe van Cappellen, Faculty of Science.

Scott Dilling (2014), Despiking Velocimetric Data with 2D ARMA Models and the Role of Impulse in Sediment Movement with Variable Bed Slopes.

Vernon Bevan (2014), The effect of urbanization on sediment supply and transport: a field study of Wilket Creek in Toronto.  NSERC IPS sponsored by the Toronto Region Conservation Authority.

Christina Bright (2014), Development of an RFID Approach for Monitoring Bedload Sediment Transport and a Field Case Study, NSERC IPS sponsored by Water’s Edge Environmental Solutions.

Lana Obach (2011), The Hydrodynamics of Pool-Riffle Sequences with Changing Bedform Length.

Research Associates

Kimisha Ghunowa (2019) Erosion Risk in a Risk and Return on Investment Tool for Urban Land Development, Industry support from Risk Sciences International and Credit Valley Conservation Authority. Credit Valley Conservation Authority.

Julian Krick, Research Associate (2015 – 2016): Establishment of four long-term field sites for assessing the impact of urbanization, stormwater management, and stream restoration on stream sediment dynamics.

Co-op Students (Undergrad)

Amr Farag, Co-op student (2011): Stability of Don River and tributaries since Hurricane Hazel (1954).

Micheal McIssac, 2011, Co-op student: Assessment of RFID tag alternatives for field studies.

Dorin Newton, Co-op student (2010): Assessment of flume replacement alternatives.

Fourth Year Design Projects

Chtcherbakov, I., V. Li, R. Vila, G. Marassato (2021) Mitigation of flooding due to ice jams in Ft. McMurray, Alberta.

Rafat, A., M. Yeomans, E. Bruce, S. Oakes (2021) Erosion in Etobicoke Creek Watershed.

Li, B., Z. Chen, Y. Lou, M. Cheng (2021) Stormwater Management on the University of Waterloo campus.

Dumouchel, J., A. Jakovljevic, S. H. Kim, J. Taylor (2020) Addressing Sediment Transport through Tobin Lake, Saskatchewan. Winner 2nd place in CEE Capstone Design Symposium.

Fang, Y., M. Li, V. Huang, J. Deng (2020) Schneider Creek Flood and Erosion Control at Watershed Scale.

Cameron, C., M. Chaudhry, Y. Huang, M. Wong (2019) Rehabilitation and Enhancement of Toronto’s Wilket Creek.  Winner 1nd place in CEE Capstone Design Symposium, nominated as the representative of Civil and Environmental Engineering Department for 2019 Canadian Society for Civil Engineering National Capstone Design Competition

Finnson, M., T. Chan, D. Tenney, J. MacDonald (2019) Schneider Creek Naturalization.

Chan, A., L. Ye, J. Nishio, D. Kan (2018) Mitigation of Basement Flooding through the Implementation of an Open Channel Network.

De Jong, J., A. Kobylinski, E. Sokolowski, T. Squair (2016) Wilket Creek Rehabilitation.

Knight, J. M. Ng, N. Tse, W. Zhu (2016) Fishway Passage Design for Non-Jumping Species at Streetsville Dam, Mississauga, Ontario.

Foran, E., N. Forix, M. Nixon, R. Sabharwal (2015) Naturalization of Concrete Trapezoidal Section of Victoria Park Lake Tributaries in Kitchener, ON.


Shawn Eldebs, Marius Hexan, David Jeary and Kyle Woeller, 4th year design project (2010-2011): Design of an experimental flume.