imageJuliane Mai

Assisant Research Professor, 2019

Previously: PDF Student, 2016

I received my diploma in Business Mathematics (2005) and my M. Sc. in Applied Mathematics (2007) both in Leipzig, Germany. My PhD (until 2011) as well as a first PostDoc (until 2016) I spend at the Helmholtz Centre for Environmental research (UFZ) in Leipzig, Germany. My research is in parameter estimation, sensitivity analysis and uncertainty analysis of complex models. I am focusing on the application of derivative-free optimization methods for model calibration as well as the usage of sensitivity information during calibration and model development. Currently, I am working on uncertainty estimation and data assimilation. In the course of my research I applied these methods in different fields like production planning, biomechanical systems, cellular processes, Systems Biology, as well as hydrologic and land-surface models. Further, I am strongly interested in the development of robust and widely applicable computer codes. I have experience in managing large computer codes/ projects, like the hydrologic model mHM and a Fortran library.




imageRoya Allison Cody

PhD Student, 2014

I completed my bachelor's degree in Civil Engineering at Queen's University, Kingston, in 2012. 
I then completed my Master's of Science in Advanced Infrastructure Systems at Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, in 2013. 
My current doctoral work is in the area of condition assessment of buried infrastructure using vibration signatures and machine learning methods. 
I am co-supervised by Professor Sriram Narasimhan


Ming Han

PhD Student


Hongren Shen

PhD Student




imageHongli Liu

PDF student, 2019

Previously: PhD Student, 2014

My education experience is: 
I achieved my B.Sc. in Geography, June 2011, Shandong Normal University, Jinan, China. 
Then I earned my M.Eng. in Environmental Science, June 2014, Beijing Normal University, Beijing, China. 
During my PhD program, I work on data assimilation and uncertainty analysis for flood forecasting.


imageMohammadamin Jahanpour

PhD Student, 2015

- optimum design and operation of water resources systems 
- meta-heuristic optimization algorithms 
- system dynamics, artificial neural networks, and GIS-based applications







Alexander Warenka


imageThouheed Gaffoor

Master Student, 2015




imageKonhee Lee

Master Student, 2016

I received my Bachelor's degree in Environmental Engineering program at the University of Waterloo(2016).
I work on improving the RAVEN Hydrological Model on it's capabilities in calibration, validation, and decision making. 
I am co-supervised by Dr. James Craig.




Saman Razavi

PhD, 2008 - 2013
Developing Efficient Strategies for Automatic Calibration of Computationally Intensive Environmental Models

PhD Thesis

Associate Professor 
Global Institute for Water Security 
School of Environment and Sustainability 
Department of Civil and Geological Engineering 
University of Saskatchewan



Masoud Asadzadeh

PhD, 2007 - 2012

Developing Parsimonious and Efficient Algorithms for Water Resources Optimization Problems

PhD Thesis

Assistant Professor 
Department of Civil Engineering (Water Resources) 
University of



Xiaoyong Xu

PhD, 2011-2015

Assimilation of Remotely Sensed Soil Moisture in the MESH Model

PhD Thesis
Post-Doctoral Researcher
University of Waterloo




Amin Haghnegahdar

PhD, 2009 - 2015

An Improved Framework for Watershed Discretization and Model Calibration: Application to the Great Lakes Basin

PhD Thesis

Post-Doctoral Researcher
University of Saskatchewan



Mahyar Shafii

PhD, 2009 - 2014

Developments in Informal Multi-Criteria Calibration and Uncertainty Estimation in Hydrological Modelling

PhD Thesis

Post-Doctoral Researcher
University of Waterloo


Tussanee Nettasana

PhD, 2009 - 2012

Conceptual Model Uncertainty in the Management of the Chi River Basin, Thailand

PhD Thesis


Ayman Khedr

MASc, 2013 - 2016

Automated Calibration of Real Water Distribution Networks: City X Case Study

MASc Thesis


Angela MacLean

MASc, 2007 - 2009

Calibration and Analysis of the MESH Hydrological Model applied to Cold Regions

MSc Thesis

Beatrice Biau Yung

MASc, 2005 - 2008

Risk Assessment of a Water Supply System under Climate Variability: A Stochastic Approach

MSc Thesis

Heather Patricia Mustard

MASc, 2005 - 2007

A Probabilistic Approach for the Design of an Early Warning Source Water Monitoring Station