Dr. Lee is currently a Lecturer in the Department of Physics & Astronomy as well as an Undergraduate Advisor for Life Physics. She is passionate about teaching, and uses her expertise in biophysics and biomedical nanotechnology to promote the importance of interdisciplinary studies in the classroom

Dr. Lee completed her undergraduate degree at the University of Waterloo, and continued to receive a PhD in Biophysics under the supervision of Professor Zoya Leonenko. From working in Prof. Leonenko's lab during her undergraduate and graduate studies at the University of Waterloo, she has gained expertise in atomic force microscopy, Kelvin probe force microscopy, Langmuir-Blodgett trough technique, fluorescence spectroscopy, and lipid-protein interactions. 

Combined with her enthusiasm for biomedical research, Dr. Lee has two main interests in membrane biophysics: (1) how neurodegenerative diseases progress on the molecular scale, and (2) how bacteria can adapt to some of the strongest antibiotics known to humans. Even more interesting is how we as scientists can identify these bacterial adaptations and leverage these discoveries for future drug development. 

Apart from teaching and research, Dr. Lee is actively involved in science and community outreach activities both on- and off-campus. She leads a local charity that offers free STEM tutoring to underprivileged students, and enjoys coding and graphic design during her spare time.


  • PHYS 111: Physics 1
  • PHYS 224: Electricity and Magnetism for Life & Medical Physics
  • PHYS 225: Modeling Life Physics
  • PHYS 236: Computational Physics
  • PHYS 249: Linear Algebra & Computational Physics 
  • PHYS 267: Probability, Statistics, and Data Analysis for Physics and Astronomy
  • BIOL/PHYS 280: Introduction to Biophysics
  • PHYS 380: Molecular & Cellular Biophysics
  • PHYS 491: Special Topics in Life, Medical and Biophysic
  • ECE 106: Electricity & Magnetism
  • SYDE 112: Fundamental Engineering Math
  • MATH 127: Calculus 1 for the Sciences
  • MATH 128: Calculus 2 for the Sciences
  • MATH 116: Calculus 1 for Engineering
  • MATH 118, 119: Calculus 2 for Engineering
  • MATH 217: Calculus 3 for Chemical Engineering