Dr. Lee is the Academic Advisor for the following programs: Honours Biological & Medical Physics, Honours Life Physics (Major with/without Specialization or Co-op); Biophysics Minor; Life Physics related options and minors from other programs. This page provides a link to various resources that students may find useful. 


A good guide to look at for enrolment problems, course overrides and FAQ's is here:

However, quick links have been summarized below for your convenience.

  • Quest Problems in Course Enrolment? Check out these guides to swapping classes, swapping components, and common error messages

  • Need a Course Override? If you can't get into a course on your own due to a full class, reserves/requirements not being met, consent being required, and/or a time conflict; you may need a course override. There are two ways of completing this in science;; you may choose which one is more convenient:

    • Option 1: Fill out a Course Override Form and get the necessary permissions prior to submitting the form to The Centre (NH, 1st floor) or email to

    • Option 2: Obtain proof of instructor/department approval, clear indication of what is being approved (ie. time conflict), include your Student ID# and full name, and forward it to for processing and enrolment

  • Want to Take Courses at Another Institution? There are specific rules for this available under the FAQ section on the Registrar's Drop/Add page. You can cross-register for classes at Wilfrid Laurier University and complete a Cross-Registration Form, or a Letter of Permission Application for other institutions. These are approved on a case-by-case basis and you'll have to speak to your academic advisor about this.