Request for Academic/Work Term Sequence Change

Students may request consideration for a change to their co-op academic/work term sequence. The appropriate form (general or faculty specific) must be completed and submitted as directed. The general form (PDF) may be filled in electronically before being printed, or printed and completed by hand, and submitted. Anyone unable to use or access the PDF version will need to print this web page and complete the form accordingly.*

*Please ensure the browser you are using to print this web page is Safari or Microsoft Edge. Google Chrome does NOT properly capture the formatting of this form.


  • Sequence Change Form (PDF)
  • For all students except those in the Faculty of Mathematics and the School of Accounting and Finance.

Faculty of Mathematics:

School of Accounting and Finance:

Request for Academic/Work Term Sequence Change (General):


  1. Submit the completed form to your Academic Advisor who will then forward your signed request to Co-operative Education (CE) for final decision.
  2. Faculty of Mathematics students must use the Faculty of Mathematics Request for Academic/Work Term Sequence Change form.
  3. School of Accounting and Finance students (AFM, Biotech/CPA and Math/CPA) must use the School of Accounting and Finance web form.
  4. While primarily worded for undergraduate students, co-op graduate students must also use this form and follow the process.
  5. Submitted forms that are missing information, including your signature and the date, will be denied
  6. Normal processing time is two weeks. Note: your request may also be subject to further review.

Waterloo student identification number:

First name:  

Last name:   

Middle name:


UWaterloo email address:  


Academic plan:

In the row labelled ‘Year,’ indicate the calendar years covered by your academic/work term sequence starting with Year One. In Row 1, record your current sequence as displayed in WaterlooWorks (e.g., 1A, 1B, WT1, 2A, etc.).

In Row 2, lay out your proposed sequence, including all previously completed terms.

Row 3 is reserved for Faculty/CE use only.






















































































If you have submitted course selections for a future term and need or wish to retain one of those courses (including WatPD) during your work term, list the name of the course.

Course name:________________________


Reason for your request (please select the appropriate rationale below);

[ ] to accommodate an academic exchange

[ ] to accommodate academic requirements

[ ] to pursue optional academic course

[ ] secured an 8-month work term

[ ] extending work term with current employer

[ ] returning to a previous co-op employer

[ ] other (attach additional information)

[ ] personal / extenuating circumstances (attach supporting documentation).

If you have agreed to extend employment with your current employer, return to a previous co-op employer; or, have secured an 8-month work term, please state the name of the employer below. 

Note: If you arranged this employment outside the structured co-operative education employment process, you must also submit an Arranged Own Job form via WaterlooWorks prior to the start of your employment.


Employer name (if applicable)

I have read and agree to abide by the policies and procedures listed on this site.


Student | Signature and Date

Academic Unit Comments:

[ ] Supported  [ ] Supported with conditions  [ ] Supported with alterations  [ ] Not supported 


Academic Advisor | Signature and Date

Alternate Academic Advisor (e.g., joint programs, etc.) | Signature and Date

Academic/Work Term Sequence Policies and Procedures for Co-operative Education Students

Co-op designation requirements:

You must be enrolled full-time in honours co-op from admission through to your graduation. Unless otherwise approved, you must follow the prescribed work/study sequence for your plan.

International co-op students are advised that changes to their work/study sequence may impact Canadian Immigration Study or Co-op Work permits so are strongly encouraged to schedule an appointment with an immigration consultant before submitting this form.

To earn the co-op designation you must have:

(a) completed all your academic degree requirements;

(b) accumulated the minimum number of work term, work term report/reflection and WatPD credits required by your Faculty (see Study/Work Term Sequence Chart).

Each four month period designated as a work term counts as a work term regardless of a credit being earned that term.

A double work term (eight months) counts as two work terms.

Your sequence must end with an academic term.

Sequence change information and directions:

A typical co-op sequence (beginning in Yr. 1) normally involves, and does not exceed, eight academic terms and six work terms. When admitted following Year 1, the number of scheduled and required work terms is adjusted accordingly.

Many departments are unable, due to limited resources, to offer courses in multiple terms. In addition, the undergraduate calendar may not always indicate the availability of a course in a particular term; therefore, you must investigate, before you submit your request, all possible impacts your proposed change might have on your future access to the courses you need or want.

The challenge of accumulating courses for additional academic credentials (e.g., minors, double majors, etc.) does not constitute grounds for changing the sequence prescribed for your primary major (Plan 10).

Consult first with your academic advisor(s) before agreeing with an employer to make a change to your sequence. This includes applying for 8-month jobs when you do not have a scheduled 8-month work term.

Note: approval of your request does not prevent future changes to course availability; therefore, you must schedule your courses carefully as your new sequence unfolds. In some instances, you may find it necessary to make a subsequent change to your sequence to accommodate unforeseen changes in course scheduling.

Submit your completed request to your Academic Advisor who will then sign and forward it to Co-operative Education on your behalf. You may be contacted by Co-operative Education for clarification and/or additional information.

Additional notes:

  1. Requests that (a) combine more than two consecutive academic or work terms; (b) reduce the number of academic or work terms required; or, (c) exceed the number of work terms prescribed for your sequence, will not normally be approved. You may not apply for 8-month jobs if you only have one 4-month work term left in your sequence.
  1. Students seeking to defer a scheduled work term after failing to secure employment for that originally scheduled work term may have their access to WaterlooWorks restricted or denied for the newly deferred term. Consult with your academic advisor for further clarity.
  2. Co-op fees are assessed on full-time academic terms. The number of fees assessed varies by plan to a maximum of eight. Co-op fees are non-refundable.
  3. Normally, a sequence change request must be submitted no later than one month before the date the proposed sequence change would occur (refer to the dates for course selection). Forms should be submitted at least two weeks prior to the date by which you must select courses for your next scheduled academic term.
  4. Should you wish/need to cancel any course enrollments for your current or next scheduled academic term because of the change in your sequence, you must do so through Quest or at the Registrar’s Office. It is your responsibility to investigate any impact your sequence change request might have on your enrollment in a WatPD course. Add or remove required WatPD courses as necessary (e.g., a sequence change that delays the timing of your first work term will require you to change the term you enrol in PD 1, 2, 11, 12, 20 or 21).
  5. If approved for a double work term, you are advised to arrange any necessary extensions to your Feds Health and Dental Plan coverage or your own private health care coverage as well as your student loan status (if applicable).
  1. Any sequence change request that removes a work term in which you are already employed will not normally be considered regardless of how the work term was arranged (i.e., an employment match using WaterlooWorks or a match arranged external to the co-operative education employment process).
  2. Processed forms will be retained by Co-operative Education until 2 years after graduation or inactivation. Approved changes will be stored in your interaction tracking file in WaterlooWorks after your request has been processed.

Note: It is your responsibility to retain hard and/or soft copies of all your paperwork until you have completed your degree studies.