Undergraduate Notice of Withdrawal Form

Notes about withdrawing from the term

  • Talk to your academic advisor about career/plans before withdrawing.
  • Complete this form only if you:
    • are dropping all courses (including online courses) and
    • have first attempted to drop your courses through Quest (excluding students in co-op and Optometry).
  • If you voluntarily withdraw, any outstanding fees will be required to be paid prior to resuming any future studies.


  • If you voluntarily withdraw prior to or during the first three calendar weeks from the start of classes, the term will not be recorded on your academic record and transcript.
  • If you voluntarily withdraw from the term after the first three weeks of classes, your transcript will indicate "Withdrawal: Effective Date". WD or WF grades will display for classes in accordance with the penalty periods outlined in the Undergraduate Calendar.
  • To withdraw from the term once the final examination period has begun, do not complete this form; instead, complete a Petition for Exception to Academic Regulations Form.


Contact The Centre if you have questions about completing this form.

Information and privacy: questions regarding the collection of information on this form can be directed to the form administrator.

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(email address must end with @uwaterloo.ca)
Term of withdrawal * (required)
Indicate the term from which you are withdrawing.
Are you planning on returning? * (required)

I would like to withdraw from the term.

I would like to withdraw from the University of Waterloo.

Term of anticipated return * (required)
Year of anticipated return
Note: If your planned return date is more than one year from the withdrawal term, you will be required to submit a readmission form and meet the readmission requirements and timelines.
Reason for withdrawal * (required)
Select the reason that is most relevant to you.

If you are planning to withdraw for financial reasons, please first make an appointment with one of our Financial Aid Counsellors.

Important information before you submit this withdrawal form

Financial aid: As a result of this withdrawal, scholarships, awards, and bursaries may be cancelled or reduced and OSAP entitlement will be recalculated. Any fee refund will be remitted directly to the National Student Loan Service Centre to be applied against outstanding provincial/federal loans.

Readmission: If you expect to apply for readmission at a later date, review the readmission form for the applicable term and be aware of the requirements and timelines.

Your contact information: After withdrawal, remember to update your personal information (e.g., Mail address, email) in Quest.